Andrzej unjello Lichnerowicz

It's still the same old story


Dooley Wilson, Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart in a frame from Hollywood’s classic: Cassablanca

I don’t think I even remember anymore, how many times I have restarted the blog. Last time I wrote something useful, was probably around 2008.

I still have the old sites backed up somewhere. At least few of them. Unfortunately they’re not very useful, mostly because they have been using blogging engines – either Wordpress-like, or my own – and while I backed up the code, I did not export anything from the database, leaving myself with just the looks, and no content.

In 2017 I have discovered Static Site Generators, and it changed my approach completely. Primarily, because engines, blogging engines, and Wordpress above anything else, are just one big honeypots. The fact that I didn’t have to spin up any MySQL instance and therefore hosting costs dropped to big fat zero, after introduction of GitHub Pages was a big plus, but the biggest benefit of them all is the fact, that I have a full, working and accessible copy of my blog. If only I continued to write :)

I hope, this time will truly be better :)